dimanche 9 octobre 2016

Something different ... Sccavies

A quick post about the start of my 40k army: Mutants and scavvies...

I plan to use the imperial guard codex for them.

Here is my first completed unit of 10 guys. Some scavvies, some 2000ad muts, warzone miniatures, more recent scavvies from specialist game. A ragtag group of missfits if you ask me. The one on the right is a iron mammoth miniature with a maxmini head.

My HQ Choice!

Here is the destructor of worlds, the archeretic, the despoiler of fools! Warzone miniatures, with a zombie standard bearer and a iron mammoth miniature (count as as psyker). They represent somekind of elite troops escorting my General.

Meet the specialists... The A-TEAM!!!

Two commissars, a Primaris psyker and two priests. Karloth Valois was supposed to be my boss but now Primaris Psyker can't be the HQ of your army ...

I m super slow on advancing on this army so until you see them again, it can take some time ...
See you guys and don't forget to check my other post right after this one!

3 commentaires:

  1. Fantastic man, some great model choices!

  2. Super cool! Awesome selection of models too!

  3. Thanks you guys! I still have a lot to do for this army but I should get back to it shortly :)