samedi 4 juin 2016

Wait for it ... wait for it...

Hello everyone,

today i m going to do a super funny joke that nobody already did.
Wait for it, it is super funny, no but really!!

Are you ready?

You re sure, you re ready?

Ok here we go, i m going now!!



That's super funny right?

Anyway ...

Ok the reason i did this super funny joke, that everybody understood, i m going to show you some trolls. Yes these big guys can have their moment of glory too.
By the way, the picture seen above is a pic from the movie Troll hunter which is a pretty decent movie with pretty cool trolls. I mean the trolls in there are really good, you could imagine a whole army of them.

Now, it s time to show me my stuffs:

 Here is rattlebone bowlegs and a cave troll. The C20 trolls were really good. It s a shame that Gw went to that Lotr look with their new trolls. I don t think they re bad but they re not my style.

 The guy on the left is a Fenryll miniature. It is in resin and is a fine chap. It is the perfect troll, big nos, big club and look stupid. The two headed troll needs no introduction.

 Here are a forest troll and a marauder troll. The first one came in the same time as cave troll, war troll and marsh troll. I guess it was by this period they introduced different kind of trolls.
 Two marauder trolls. They look silly. I wonder who built this huge hammer for this troll?
 A marauder troll and Hobol Firebreath. It got disgusting eating habit i guess.
 An other shot of Hobol.
 A marauder troll with a huge axe and the mutant ogre! This guy fitted more with the trolls so I just put it with them.
 An other marauder troll and the war troll. It got heavy gear like armor, chainmail, a flail and a helmet.
The last but not the least. The marsh troll and a blood bowl troll. The last one escaped from its former team to run wild with its new crew of missfits.

And here they are, all of them as a big army! 16 trolls!

Honestly i never fielded such a unit because it would so many point wasted. The more i did was to gather them as two units of 8! With a troll king. By the way, where is the King? The King of troll is not still here, but soon ... yeah soon ...