samedi 30 avril 2016

Coming the beastmen...

Hello everyone,

welcome to a new update for my blog. It s been kind of quiet lately and in order to bring it back to like I've got a lots of new stuffs.

Indeed, even if the blog was quiet, I didn't stop painting and building my stuffs.

To start, I ve got some beastmen to show:

Beastmen shamans
These 2 guys add a little bit of magic power to my chaos force. The one on the right is from metal magic. I think the mould is now sold by midlam miniature, it s a cheap mini but it looks really good.
If you want to add some variety to your herds without spending too much money, it s the way to go.

Great Banner Bestman bearer
This guy needs no introduction but its banner is from a plastic orc sprue. I painted a dark monolithe with a red moon behind. My lads and I did an association back in the days ; it was called Monolithe 34. And so in order to give an hommage to this time, I painted a monolithe with two runes of III and IV. We live in South of France in the Department number 34, that's why.
Our old logo ...
I don't remember if i showed you my shaman Lord last time, so here it is (again, ... maybe):
Shaman Lord
It was because of this guy and the old chaos warriors that i wanted to start warhammer with the chaos army. It looks wicked.

Beastman Big Boss
Don't you dare messing with this big Guy. It s the nastiest beastman of the Herd and it will tolerate no mess. A really good classic miniature.
Beastman hero
Every crew needs some hero strenght to add to their army. It will do the trick.

Minotaur Hero or Doombull
A couple of time, I go to see other ranges and sometimes I discover pearls like this guy. I was mighty impressed by it. It s a big guy holding an axe. I added some little rocks to its base.
Then i got two units to show you ; first, a small unit of 15 guys, they re supposed to have 2 hand weapons:

Come get some!
The selection of these guys was long, I even had to chop a couple of arms and added some weapons to some classic citadel miniatures ... It was risky but i like the results.

 The boss is in the middle, it s a Bob Olleys beastman. I like the 2 cleavers. It was hard to find it for a reasonnable price. The unicorn is an old broo. It s nice to have some different kinds of beasts in the unit. The guy with the rock is an abberant from lance and laser.

On the left, my most expensive miniature bought. The fimir ... I got it for like 20€. But it was this kind of mini, you're always chasing and in the end, you're just like ok I ll buy it for this price ... I might do the same for the kiss of death, this classic beastman with an arm holding a club replacin its head.
Otherwise, here, we have a leech beastman, it is from cp miniatures. It looks great.

Finally, a lance and laser Buffalo man on the left and more classic beastmen. Notice the red colors on the Khorne beastmen.
Then we got a huge unit of 50 beastmen!!!
POUUUUUUIIIINNN (Inception Noise(c))

The bull headed is awesome!

I like the pot belly of the one on the left

The champion is a mordheim beastman. You can notice the scale difference.

The poor guy on the floor is a broo casuality. Much fun.

An another Buffalo man. Lance and laser again.

To finish this post, i still have two chariots and a centaur:

These 2 warmachines are not really classic. I think we can still have them on the Gw website. I put a mordheim beastman in one of them just to make them a little bit different.

The start of a new unit! I got 10 of them. I bought like 5 to a guy on eBay named Figflog. When They ll be all painted, I ll send him a picture of the finished unit... But this won't be today.
Any way, I really like the two headed cyclopkins on this one. They're really cool miniatures.
Next time, I ve got to show you some chaos reinforcements, the start of a human fantasy army, some trolls, a couple of pictures for a battle reports and my 40k scavvies army.
Take care you guys, see you!