lundi 16 mai 2016

Chaos reinforcement - "we proud few ..."

Hello everyone,

today, just a quick update of my blog with some chaos reinforcements. I'm pretty proud because I painted an entire level of miniatures in my display shelf.

Anyway, here are the miniatures:

Two chaos warriors and two thugs.
Two of my chaos warriors went to a chosen unit so I needed two more to replace them. You can see them on the left of the picture. The large shield with the face is from a unit of orcs from foundry miniatures. These guys are sculpted by K Adams and are now available again in the warmonger line.
The two thugs were to necessary to finish my 30 guys unit of thugs with shield and my 20 guys unit of thugs with two handed weapon.
The red redemption guy is so cool, I also have him in my flagellant unit in my empire army:)
Unit of Khorne Chosens!
These guys are trouble and you don't want to bowser them. More seriously, they're a really small unit that can get eliminate pretty easily with shoots, ... But anyway, they do look cool and are pretty threatening.


 Here we got 3 Jess Godwin champions. I did a bit of an heresy by removing the gun of the one on the left and giving him a shield. You can see again the bloodbowl guy who joined the ranks of the chosen. And in the middle, a chaos warrior that I found full of coolness.


 Three more Jess Godwin champions. You already saw the one on the right. I like the mechanical dude, he seems kind of out of place but I like him. Strange that i was annoyed by the gun but not by the cybernetic implants and bionic mace. The Samurai is a total chaotic piece. He got like 3 faces, if you count the one on the armore breast plate. He s a really strange guy full of attitude. The last one was really cool too with his large cloak so he joined the chosen!

"We, proud few!"
When i m watching such a small unit, i m always thinking to this really fun cartoon.
This is so silly ... i love it.
I wasn't able to find it again but happily i saved it on my external hard drive, only for your pleasure to share and Watch this beauty ... I mean look at the crying one with his rider "steady boy!"...
So long guys!