dimanche 3 juillet 2016

The Barony of Greyhald

Hello everyone,

it s July and so it s time for me to write a new post in my blog.

Several news, I finally finished a entire shelf of painted miniatures with my chaos army. It s really cool that I succided in finishing this.
I still have an other shelf of chaos miniatures to do but anyway, it s a success nonetheless.

It makes me think of this meme:
Afficher l'image d'origine

Anyway, today, i m going to go to an other army of mine, the barony of Greyhald.
This barony is ruled by a Baron (really?) who lived in the borderPrince territory. Logic to say that this Baron is kind of mad, he s keeping his night axe always close to him and some says that he uses it to keep living. The Axe is a life leacher, something like that.

So he got basically he big troop of regular troopers ; i m using the empire army rules for building my stuff.
I decided to do this army when i saw all the old citadel from foundry rereleased. I was so please to buy lots of citadel for so cheap (Well when you compare them to eBay or forum prices ...) then when i m playing with friends its always cool to have a "nice guys" army in order to change the alliance, etc.

So ok, to start here is the basical henchmen, the men at arms:
My first unit of men

So I choose the white and green colors because i liked them. No real reason. They all got a big black axe on their shield, the sceal of the Baron. I bought to some guys this big movement plate in order to move them more easily on the battlefield. Im not 100% happy with them, sometimes all the miniatures are not fitting well in it and you got to push the last ones in order to put them all in the plate.

Note the vikings amongst them.

The brigand is a nice add (a eBay find for sure) and the normand on the right is also a EBay find.

The guy in the middle, i bought it to Trolltrader for nothing. A bargain.

The guy in the middle was a Foundry present, a irish knight if i remembered. He makes a cool champion. The standard is of course presenting a big axe.

For the Baron!

Then we got the crossbowmen, every human commander knows he must field a couple of this shooters in order to bowser the enemy lines:
First unite - Fire!

 2nd unit - well ... shoot ... I guess

These guys are all foundry miniatures and are all still available. They re lovely and are all what you need if you want to build a medieval human force.

Then we got a couple of warmachines: a canon and a mortar.

A put bot of them on 50mm base and added a bit of scenery. The crew is again from foundry. They re really fun and full of characters. A shame there are only six of them.


More men at arms but with polearms.

The thug has been replaced by now and he joined a unit of flagellants still wip (such a disgrace)

"I need some heroes!"

All armies need heroes! So here are the first one. A priest of the Sungod, a Fire wizard and a metal wizard.
The Baron is still wip (he will be riding a cocklegriph) and i also have a hero/captain and a wizard with a young griffin.

I pressed myself to paint this army at the start of the year because i planed a game with Fred and Vincent for february!
It was a challenge for the start of 2016. Unnecesary to say that ... I failed.

In order to forget this big failure of mine, here are some photos of our battle:
Metal wizard and troops are showing off before the battle.

Here is the famous unit of white knights known for their lack of taste in colors. Still wip

A powerful not finished giant joined the baron army (such a relief)

Here is the battle!!! Humans vs dark elves. Get ready to rumble!

 The army of dark elves was led by Fred that i met through the Warhammer forum. It was a really cool army full of old models from different periods. Fred is a real antic seeker for Warhammer, he told us about all the bargains he found on fleemarkets or online.

A big unit of hallebardiers from the Army of Vincent.
The army of Vincent is more contemporary but still got lots of charms. He built in order to represent an army of believers led by warpriests and zealots. We were both really schocked to see the future of Warhammer with age of sigmar. We thought that we were going to mordheim universe but at Warhammer scale, ... well we didn't.

The armies are moving ...

Furies and cold one riders led the dark elves charge.

Clash of knights!

The battletank and the executors clashed during all the game. I think that they did nothing more.

 Giant killed 2 cold ones and then collapsed like a big tree.

"Flee you elves scoundrels!!!"

That 's all i got. Sorry for the bad pictures, i just kept the not too bad ones. Next time i will bring my tripod. It was a really cool day full of roll dices and adventures. At the end the humans won but that was because Fred wasn t really aware of all rules used in V8. We did a couple of mistakes also because well, we re not regular players at all. But anyway, it s still cool to see your miniatures on a battlefield, especially the ones that you spent times to paint ... even if they got crushed easily or are making very bad rolls :)

I hope you enjoyed the reading of my blog. Next time, I think I will show you more chaos. I m also very proud because i finished my unit of centaurs!!!

See you guys!