lundi 20 mai 2013

There are bigger ones???

In the deepest cave of the darkest mountains and in the strangest places of chaos waste hide monstruosities of all shape and size.

The chaos spawn allows the chaos players to pratically play anything saying it's a chaos spawn and that they can look like to anything :)

An other d&d mini

Damned of glutonny (after the meal)

The son of Yog Sothot
We are familly picture!
Well, that's it for today, as you can see the mutant army is growing bigger and bigger :)

dimanche 19 mai 2013

Wizard of Tzeentch

Technically, this is the first chaos fantasy oop that i am showing on this blog:

The Moonface Wizard from the chaos champion line:

The way of change is coming!
What better than a champion of Tzeentch to lead an unholly horde of mutants. He's my favorite Tzeentch miniature and I didn't suiccide to win auctions on others so he's the wizard of my army.
You will see the hero in one of my next post. Until next time, cheers.

samedi 18 mai 2013

They're unleashed ... Now there is no way back.

Sequel of my previous post introducing the destroyers!

You can see the pumpkin head from 4A miniature (second from right). He's cool and weird mini.

And finally, the whole unit ; they are played as forsakens in the warriors of chaos army book:

I hope that you enjoyed the new pictures and meanwhile, see you next time.

Unleash the destroyers!!!

If you thought the mutants were enough problems you didn't know their bigger cousins. Completely mad and unconscient of any harms that could occur to them the creatures known as destroyers play an elite role in the mutant army.

Once again a picture from the movie Nightbreed of Clive Baker
I made a little unit of 20 lunatics monstruosities:
As you can see, I used again a couple of D&D miniatures, you can find some very interesting bases for customs and conversions. In the last pictures, the guy on the right has just been repainted. He's some kind of blue blob with red veins.

jeudi 16 mai 2013

The whole unit of mutants, for real!

Here are the last pictures of my unit of muties:

The whole unit

More of them ...

Here are all the pictures of my muties:

It seems that I can't add more pictures that I can enlarge, so new posts on the way!!!


Yes, you read it! Mutants ...

Reading the background of the chaos waste, we often read about packs of mutants lurking in old temples and undergrounds.
They are often referred as chaos servants in the beastmen warbands and I chose to give them a chance.

Playing them as chaos marauders, I was inspired of gathering these guys in reading the dark tower comics (Stephen King).

The slow mutants were my main inspirations, they look very spooky and gloomy:

So without further waiting, the mutants:

The first unit is Under the command of a fatty:
You can notice the broo from Geronimo and the wormhead guy from the cthulhu contest. They look cool.









lundi 13 mai 2013

What green do I use?

In the realm of chaos 80's log, lately has been asked this question: what green do you use to paint your orcs and goblins?

I answered this question in the LAF forum some months ago:

This is one of my unit of orcs (well the only painted one).

They're all from Kev Adams, there is foundry, oop citadel, harlequin, renegades and heartbreaker miniatures. It was a pain to gather all of them but I did it :).

Here is a picture of the command group and the big'uns.

So basically, I am using some goblin green, then I used a green wash. After that I lay down two brighter green: scorpion green, then a green goblin mixed with a lot of yellow. I only do the angle with the second one.

And finally, a little close up on the standard bearer:

With the evil sunz banner :)
Until next time where I'm planning to show you some real new stuffs. 

vendredi 10 mai 2013

Beastmen boss!

So following my first post, this is actually a post to show you something and to train myself with this weird stuff which is blogger.

I have a beastmen army with a lot of cool models that I gather from a lot of different manufacturers.

Here is my beastlord, the great chieftain of the broos tribe:

It's an avatar of war model, I painted him maybe like 4 years ago (time's running so fast). But my style didn't really change since this day.

Then here is the second in command, the chaman lord:
It's the very cool beastman chaman from the 1990. This miniatures last in GW catalog for like 15 years and it's still very nice.
I painted in black cause it suits him.

In my next posts, I hope to show you some more recent miniatures ; I am working on different ones, three:
  • Beastmen,
  • Orcs and goblins :I try to gather only Kev Adams miniatures and cool ones,
  • Chaos: A kind of huge army, i would have to calculate how much points it worths. In it, you'll see a bit of everything.

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