dimanche 29 novembre 2015

Some ogres and the gaze of death...

Hello guys,

so in my last post, I was mentionning that next time, i was going to show more chaos thugs. The thing is I still have one left in the painting queue.

And so I decided not to show the thugs this time. I m sorry, I lied. Or should I say I badly planed my previews.

Anyway, I hope that my ogres are going to rock your world like Michael Jackson will do. So without further waiting, here are the ogres!

They re red! Like my army.
So these guys are all, Jes Godwin ogres. There are 10 of the existing 15. I would have liked to get my hand on the executionner but we can't have everything in life.
So I painted them in red and black like the chaos warriors and to give them a more a unit feel, they all have grey skin. They are grey ogres.
Do you remember this guy? The Gray ogre? It s a magic the gathering card for those who don't know. It was a common card kind of shitty but when I played this game I used to like it. The french translation was "ogre gris" like "grey ogre". I was like this guy is not grey at all, I don't understand. Anyway, as a tribute to this gray ogre, my guys are all grey skinned. (What does gray mean ...?)
The mercenary and the warlord
These 2 guys are very nice miniatures. I gave a foundry orc shield to the mercenary. I should have taken a pic of it. They re really fun and come in large variety of smiles and stuffs. He got a bag where a little snotling is trying to escape.
The Warlord is a big monobloke figure. He s making me think to the ral partha Bob Olley ogres.
The gladiator and the thug.
When I got the gladiator, I was like, this guy is a chaos ogre. He got a big horn on his forehead. Then I saw the chaman with his aries horns and I really decided that my ogres were going to be part of my chaos army. They won't go with my O&G army.
The thug is full of character, he s the big silly ogre. Got me bag got me club, gonna get food...
Chaos ogre and ... the gladiator again?
Now that I see the gladiator, I m not sure about the previous one... He was maybe the pitfighter ... something close.
Anyway, the chaos guy is according to my knowledge the first chaos ogre. When I got him, I put him on a 25mm base in order to be a chaos hero. Then I got his friends and I put him back on the monster base (where he belongs).
The gladiator is almost fully naked. I alway have difficulties to make the skin on large areas when I m doing the highlights. I think he s all right but I still have progress to do. You can see him like this but he (of course) got the classic black and white striped mohawk!

Warrior priest and shaman
The warrior priest is one of my favorite miniature. The first time I saw him was in a white dwarf with a warhammer quest diorama. He was acting as the keeper of the dungeon with a scary dog. I had to have him. It s a really classic mini that all oldhammer fans want to have. I was Lucky enough to have him for a not too high price on eBay.
The chaman is really funny. He doesn't look like an ogre. He s more like a scary troll. But he s listed as an ogre and he s getting along pretty well with the others. Like the gladiator, he s almost naked. So he was pretty hard for me to paint him.
Skragg and the oriental ogre
I don't remember where did I see that the name of the big guy is Skragg. I think it was in the cardgame that were distributed by gw in the old days. That's why he s the only one who has a name. Anyway, he s the champion of the crew. This big heavy armor and the threatening axe make of him a good leader.
The oriental ogre is also really cool. I added a bit of gold for his armor. He got his oni look. Could work well in an hobgoblins warband.
The whole unit, again
And the usual shoot from above
In order to apologize for the thugs, here are the monster of this week!
The chicken of doom!!! Or as we called it ... The cockatrixe!
The mighty chicken of hell! Giving killing gaze to everybody who boswer it. On its base, I put 2 barbarians trying to have KFC (Khaotic fried cockatrixe) but they weren't fast enough.
The 2 stupid guys got petridied before they can even slash the beast. No more fried cockatrixe for them.
An other shoot of the scary beast

That's it for this week. I hope you all appreciate this pictures. Feel free to comment again. Next time, I will post (I hope) the thugs, a new champion, surely a dark emmissary and a new monster (surprise).
In the oldhammer forum, people asked me to put back the pictures of my old articles, in 2013. I m still lookig for where on earth I put these pics. I will update them as soon as they are recovered.
Thanks for watching! Bye!

dimanche 15 novembre 2015

Chaos reinforcement ... as promised

Hello everyone, it is sunday night. After a week-end spent under some sad circumstances, i still took time to take care of my stuffs.
Life must go on.

So for tonight, I took lots of time to make pictures of the chaos knights and warriors. I tried different angles and mostly I tried different kinds of light. I finally succeeded in making some pictures which I found were good enough.

I think I can still make progress but time will help me in solving this... I hope... Right Time? You will help right???... Right?

I'll begin with the chaos warriors:

We are red!
Watch out! Shoot from above!

As you can see these guys like black and red. They can go higher than these mounts of pain ... mmh ok, no more Jeanne Mas reference here ...
This is a 24 men strong unit. All with hand weapon and shield. They're really pointwise expensive but I like using them (especially because they're painted).

The command group, with as a champion ... Again! Some guy in a bone armour!! Why all the champions in this army got bony armour?? That's so discriminating toward the others! ... Anyway, I really like this champion. He s got a beastman friend with the same head. This guy is the second miniature I got of him. The first was sold like 10 years ago when I thought I was leaving the hobby ... I though WRONG!
The banner is a free hand of mine. It is clearly not a Da Vinci painting. It is pretty fun pic. Kind of cartoony. I might replace the bearer by a more classic miniature sometimes in the future. I'll see.
I like the helmet of the musician, very like the alchemist in the movie named Vidocq.

I ll take your soul!

Some of the crew. I think the painting on the 2nd shield from the right is kind of good. Simple but effective. You can spot a thug and a chaos mutant from Bloodbowl. The thug got such a big armour I was like, he can't go with the other thugs, he d look silly. The mutant adds variety and different colours to the crew.

More guys. An other chaos thug! Holding the head of a fallen enemy. Once again he got too much armour so he joined the warriors. I painted his head in white, I like the effect. The 2nd guy from the left, he s a very cool miniature. He s really old and the shield is attached to miniature, he s a one block guy.

I really like the Jes Godwin champions but I didn't paint a lot of them. I enjoyed the Khorne champion on the right. He s such a nice miniature that the painting comes along without efforts. The skull headed guy on the left is a marauder warrior. Finally the 2nd from the left is really fun. He s like a big block with a small helmet. I forgot where did I find his shield ... but it suits him.

Chaos thugs spotted on the right and 2nd from the left. They're here for the same reasons than the others. I painted the skin of the guy on the right in dark blue. I think he adds a bit of variety in colour without really making big contrasts.

Blood bowl mutant on the left! I gave him a green armour, just to try. I kind of like the shield of the marauder, 2nd from the right.
Because he s spoiled, this guy got his own picture (mostly because we can't really see him in the previous picture).

And now, the famous... Chaos Knights!!!
To be honest, I don't really like riders. You got to paint the mount and then the rider, this is boring. But when you tried and that you put the rider on his mount and glued them together, I got to admit that there is some kind of joy to see the final result.

Chaos knights are a must have in every chaos army. They're super deadly. Few guys can stop them and they got some silly heavy chaos armour and stuffs ... So here are mine.


Here they are! Only six of them, but that's enough :) I like the result of all them together. They didn't really fit next to each other because of their shields and stuffs blocking the way for being side by side.

Kaleb Dark got a new horse. When I received this guy in my mail box I was like "oh boy Kaleb Dark man he s going to lead my army!" And then I saw his horse. I was like "wtf" that's a tiny horse, like really tiny one. So I gave him an other horse and he became one of my riders. Concerning the horse he might be a donkey in a evil/chaotic warband for Mordheim or Frostgrave ... I don't know.
The other guy is a conversion from an old chaos warrior. You can see the foot version in my warriors regiment. The conversion could have been better, especially the axe. But hey, I think he s all right.

The chaos champion from the 90's riders. He didn't need works for conversion and stuffs. The other one he s a heartbreaker warrior, it's a conversion. I like his slenderman kind of face. So I painted him in white, a bit like the chaos guy holding the severed head above.

Archaon!!! Used as a mere champion. :) He looks good. The banner bearer got a banner from a scibor regiment. I painted a sword with some chaos stars and sigils.

As an extra for this post, I gave you one of my last paint, the Chimera!
Sanctus! Dominus!

So it s not a oldhammer miniature at all. It's a plastic d&d miniature. I had him when I tried this game years ago. I was like this a nice mini. And I never sold it because I thought it was cool.
I gave him a base and painted it. I like the result. It 's not very big as you can see. The base is a 50*100mm base.

An other shot!

That's it for tonight. I hope you all enjoyed the show and that you find my stuffs cool. Next time I should show you a chaos hero, some chaos ogres and ... more thugs!

mercredi 11 novembre 2015

After a long nap ...

Hello guys, it's me Sybou.
I m back after 2 years of sleep. Yeah it s been quite a while. I'm taking advantage to thank my five followers for staying subscribded to this blog :D

Time is getting so fast, i always was willing to update the blog but i always had good excuses not to do it. Like "my camera battery is dead i got to buy a new one" or "I d like to finish my chaos knights before i update the blog" or "what was my code for accessing the blog??"

Well I finished my 6 chaos knights, I got a new battery and i found my lost codes. It was somekind of a quest! With in the same time like Whiskey priest from the leadpile would say "with real life getting in our way and stuff..."
I could only recommend you to visit the leadpile, it s a very good blog. I m taking advantage of the situation to recommend you guys to give a look to all the oldhammer blogs, they're good quality and always show some eye candies.

So for two years, my chaos army changed a lot.
Good bye mutants friends, it was cool but I became a oldhammer fanboy, only willing to keep old citadel and look alikes with me.

Enough chat, lets show some miniatures!

Chaos champions!

I m cheating a bit because the tzeentch wizard is old. :) I painted him two years ago and he s already been showed in the blog ... Anyway! He s with his friend Lothar The Elder who he s a unaligned chaos hero willing to lead minions and wreak havoc and mayhem.

I chose the bone armor kind. This miniature is a must have.

Moon face got his usual yellow face. He s a cool looking miniature, my favorite Jes Godwin Tzeentch champion.

Khorne chariot pulled by flesh hounds
I finally finished this damn chariot. I got the driver of the marauder chariot and 95's red period chaos champion to get in.
I m happy with it. I even found a chain to link the dogs to the driver.
Skekung, Prince of Tzeentch

Heeeeyy! He s no Oldhammer?
Well yes, this reaper daemon is not oldhammer but he s so coooool! I gave him different wings (from another daemon i guess) I was hooked the first time i saw him. It s a very nice Bob Olley's sculpt.
I named him after the name of one of the Skekses from the movie Dark Crystal. He s wielding the ebony blade. Not sure of what it does but it must deal a lot of damage like vorpal damage or soul leaching damage!
Hey you guys! I m back
(from the movie Dark Crystal (c) )

So right you guys must ask where is the crew?? Because you can see a lot of generals but where is the crew??
I decided to start with my chaos thugs unit with handweapon and shield.
To battle!!!

When i was younger i despided chaos thugs. I was like "where are their armors, they look silly" so not as cool as chaos warriors and beastmen ... (I was always liked beastmen, don't ask me why ...)
But now i think they have bunch of style and characters. I gave them some plastic shields from beastmen and chaos marauders.
Lets have a closer a look to them:
Some classic chaos thugs painted mostly in red. I tried to give a lot of red to my army. It's a colour i like working with.

More of them. The guy on the right is a lancer and laser miniature. He s an aberrant. With his two heads, he looked good with the other chaos guy. I painted him years ago though and he might receive some improvments on his flesh.

Yeah skull face and his crew. You can spott a hillman from the old LoTr range. He s really bulky. Skullface was painted in the same time as his two heads Buddy and i might give him a brush or two.
You regular chaos thugs. Among them, the Bowman. It was fun to see what kind of weapons the chaos thugs used to have. Some of them even have pistols. I m not a big fan of the bowmen thugs from the marauder range so this guy will stay among his crew.

The other hillman join our rank. It s fun to see how they looked like, i didn't imagine the hillmen like this at all. But anyway, he looks good here. The guy on the left, i tried to paint him some facial tatoos like a tribesmen from the movie Absolom 2022:

It was a fine movie from the 90's with Ray Liotta. The kind of movie I enjoyed.

More of them. I especially like the one in the middle, he could be a cool thug champion if Two Blades weren't here.
Talking about the devil. Here is Two Blades (very original name) with his command crew. Two of them left the Red Redemption disciples. The beastman is super cool, one iconic sculpt from this era. Two heads, a club, a snake arm and a loin cloth --> Icon.
One last shot before the end ...
Kidding, shot from above!

To really finish this long post of come back, here is the explanation why the thugs are 29. One of them was a treacherous norse guy!
I'm planning to build a 20 men strong unit of norsemen. Here are the first three of them:
King of the North!!!!
I have a couple of others in the painting queue but I still need some to complete the unit. We'll see.
Next time, the chaos warriors and the famous ... 6 chaos knights!