mercredi 11 novembre 2015

After a long nap ...

Hello guys, it's me Sybou.
I m back after 2 years of sleep. Yeah it s been quite a while. I'm taking advantage to thank my five followers for staying subscribded to this blog :D

Time is getting so fast, i always was willing to update the blog but i always had good excuses not to do it. Like "my camera battery is dead i got to buy a new one" or "I d like to finish my chaos knights before i update the blog" or "what was my code for accessing the blog??"

Well I finished my 6 chaos knights, I got a new battery and i found my lost codes. It was somekind of a quest! With in the same time like Whiskey priest from the leadpile would say "with real life getting in our way and stuff..."
I could only recommend you to visit the leadpile, it s a very good blog. I m taking advantage of the situation to recommend you guys to give a look to all the oldhammer blogs, they're good quality and always show some eye candies.

So for two years, my chaos army changed a lot.
Good bye mutants friends, it was cool but I became a oldhammer fanboy, only willing to keep old citadel and look alikes with me.

Enough chat, lets show some miniatures!

Chaos champions!

I m cheating a bit because the tzeentch wizard is old. :) I painted him two years ago and he s already been showed in the blog ... Anyway! He s with his friend Lothar The Elder who he s a unaligned chaos hero willing to lead minions and wreak havoc and mayhem.

I chose the bone armor kind. This miniature is a must have.

Moon face got his usual yellow face. He s a cool looking miniature, my favorite Jes Godwin Tzeentch champion.

Khorne chariot pulled by flesh hounds
I finally finished this damn chariot. I got the driver of the marauder chariot and 95's red period chaos champion to get in.
I m happy with it. I even found a chain to link the dogs to the driver.
Skekung, Prince of Tzeentch

Heeeeyy! He s no Oldhammer?
Well yes, this reaper daemon is not oldhammer but he s so coooool! I gave him different wings (from another daemon i guess) I was hooked the first time i saw him. It s a very nice Bob Olley's sculpt.
I named him after the name of one of the Skekses from the movie Dark Crystal. He s wielding the ebony blade. Not sure of what it does but it must deal a lot of damage like vorpal damage or soul leaching damage!
Hey you guys! I m back
(from the movie Dark Crystal (c) )

So right you guys must ask where is the crew?? Because you can see a lot of generals but where is the crew??
I decided to start with my chaos thugs unit with handweapon and shield.
To battle!!!

When i was younger i despided chaos thugs. I was like "where are their armors, they look silly" so not as cool as chaos warriors and beastmen ... (I was always liked beastmen, don't ask me why ...)
But now i think they have bunch of style and characters. I gave them some plastic shields from beastmen and chaos marauders.
Lets have a closer a look to them:
Some classic chaos thugs painted mostly in red. I tried to give a lot of red to my army. It's a colour i like working with.

More of them. The guy on the right is a lancer and laser miniature. He s an aberrant. With his two heads, he looked good with the other chaos guy. I painted him years ago though and he might receive some improvments on his flesh.

Yeah skull face and his crew. You can spott a hillman from the old LoTr range. He s really bulky. Skullface was painted in the same time as his two heads Buddy and i might give him a brush or two.
You regular chaos thugs. Among them, the Bowman. It was fun to see what kind of weapons the chaos thugs used to have. Some of them even have pistols. I m not a big fan of the bowmen thugs from the marauder range so this guy will stay among his crew.

The other hillman join our rank. It s fun to see how they looked like, i didn't imagine the hillmen like this at all. But anyway, he looks good here. The guy on the left, i tried to paint him some facial tatoos like a tribesmen from the movie Absolom 2022:

It was a fine movie from the 90's with Ray Liotta. The kind of movie I enjoyed.

More of them. I especially like the one in the middle, he could be a cool thug champion if Two Blades weren't here.
Talking about the devil. Here is Two Blades (very original name) with his command crew. Two of them left the Red Redemption disciples. The beastman is super cool, one iconic sculpt from this era. Two heads, a club, a snake arm and a loin cloth --> Icon.
One last shot before the end ...
Kidding, shot from above!

To really finish this long post of come back, here is the explanation why the thugs are 29. One of them was a treacherous norse guy!
I'm planning to build a 20 men strong unit of norsemen. Here are the first three of them:
King of the North!!!!
I have a couple of others in the painting queue but I still need some to complete the unit. We'll see.
Next time, the chaos warriors and the famous ... 6 chaos knights!


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  1. Impressive units both for quality and quantity, now let blogging motivate you to paint more !

  2. Very nice collection Sybou, I love the mix of models in the thug unit and that Daemon Prince is awesome! *following* ��

  3. Thank you guys. This helps for motivation. Right now im working on my chimera. Glad you like skekung he wont have lots of tzeentch followers so he ll need love ��