samedi 9 janvier 2016

Hello everybody, happy new year. My first post for year 2016.

I got lots of stuffs to show. I m advancing more and more toward my goal (which i m sure you all got the same):

Reducing the size of my unpainted lead mountain!
Yeah, the chaos army is advancing step by step. But, I also have a small human army, a big beastmen army and a quite imposing orcs and goblins army... and let s not talk about 40k.
Anyway, this time, I will show you my other chaos thugs unit. They got 2 handed weapon. For now, they're just 19, number 20 will arrive in a couple of days.
As you can see, i add lots of red to their clothes and gear. The banner is also a black chaos star on a red flag. The chaos thugs present a very large choice of different fighters. They re so many of them that I was able to make 2 units of them with different weapons.
Command group
The champion on the right is the leader of the thugs bowmen from the marauder range. He got a gun and attitude. I bought him from someone and he was already painted. I just had to do his base to finish him. The banner bearer is a ral partha tyrant. Back in the days I was buying a lot from alternative ranges. But in order to reduce my lead mountain (again that mountain?) I sold pratically all of them.
4 chaos thugs and a c35 chaos warrior. This guy looks very cool with a large cloack and a Hood. He was kinda of small and unarmored so I put him with the thugs. The 4 others are cool, I have a preference for the one with the wooden club. He looks so silly and my painting of his eyes is not helping.
More of them. I think the one with the pickaxe is a chaos warrior but i m not sure. We can notice that amongst the thugs lots of guys have the same base. The 2nd and 3rd from the right plus the one with the brow mask (with the command group) share the same base.
The last batch of chaos thug. The one on the right is really cool. Stupid Hunchback with a big axe. The one on the left is good too. I like the moon on the helmet.
Chaos Hero! Luther Rattleshirt.
This guy is pretty powerful. Once again a guy in a bone armor. I find that all these guys are really good. That s why most of them have hero role or a champion role.
Several monsters for this post - first the king of monsters, the GIANT!!!!

This big guy is from Darksword miniature. I think the sculpt is older and Darksword bought it from the first manufacturer. Maybe was it ral partha but i m not sure. Anyway he is really cool. I think it s a Wonderful sculpt. It took me like one day and a half to finish him. You have noticed that I chose the grey skin again like my ogres. I d give a kind of unity of this guys together.
This picture is to show you the size of the guy. Luther is like, lets go this way and the other is like "No way, I do what I want! You ain't my dad!"

Just to remember that he s a chaos giant, I added a scenery, a mouth coming from the earth. It's a miniature from the game Hell Dorado.
 The plague elemental is a long time miniature i wanted. I found him not too long ago. He will complete well my nurgle chaos warriors (that i of course need to finish painting).
 I put three nurglings on his base to add some variety and fun. These little guys are really funny. Full of snots and spots.
Mum I think i m sick.

 An other hero, the Dark Emissary! This guy appeared for the Albion Campaign and he was the Bad wizard accompaying the evil armies who chose the path of Belakor. He is a really stunning sculpt. He got his red dress to link him to the rest of the army.
 Of course, a dark Emissary can't go outside without a bit of protection. The fell beast was the servant of the dark emissary as well as for the oracle during the Albion Campaign. Lately they made their comeback in the extension storm of magic for Warhammer. But that was like 2 years ago, now warhammer is just AoS non sense.
 I m not really convinced by my painting. It looks like some kind of giant snot full of different kinds of green. But anyway it will have to stay this way, it s not so bad and i have more to paint. Need to advance the painting queue.
I didn't find my old pictures from the beginning of this blog (year 2013 ... remember) so I made them again. To start here are my three chaos spawns.
 The big fatty boomboom. A helldorado miniature. He s super cool and full of character.

 The son of yog sothot, a resin miniature bought on the LAF. I like his small face in the middle of his disformed body (like a big tumor if you ask me) You can almost hear him say "Kenada, help me!!!"

The last one is a big protoform like shogoth style. It s a d&d miniature repainted. I use him as the spawn curse. Sometimes your champions are not getting Lucky and they re getting transformed into a slimy piece of doodledoo! That's when Mr enters in the game.
I m starting to show you the beastmen part of my chaos army! Here are 2 of my chamans. When I started Warhammer, I saw the one on the left. He was a big wouaw for me. He s one of my first miniature.

To conclude this post, here are...
Kutchek and Gore
Here you can see them, fighting to the death in an arena!!! This picture is from the movie ...
I can only recommend you this great movie! Full of Barbarians, stunts with makeup, dragon in foam and even Michael Berryman as the beastmaster!
Just to see this guy put on airs, you got to see this italian movie who tried to surf on the conan wave!
I hope you all enjoy the show and appreciate my painting and collecting. Feel free to comment, it always helps me to advance in my work. Until next time you guys! Cheers.
See you guys!!!