vendredi 10 mai 2013

Beastmen boss!

So following my first post, this is actually a post to show you something and to train myself with this weird stuff which is blogger.

I have a beastmen army with a lot of cool models that I gather from a lot of different manufacturers.

Here is my beastlord, the great chieftain of the broos tribe:

It's an avatar of war model, I painted him maybe like 4 years ago (time's running so fast). But my style didn't really change since this day.

Then here is the second in command, the chaman lord:
It's the very cool beastman chaman from the 1990. This miniatures last in GW catalog for like 15 years and it's still very nice.
I painted in black cause it suits him.

In my next posts, I hope to show you some more recent miniatures ; I am working on different ones, three:
  • Beastmen,
  • Orcs and goblins :I try to gather only Kev Adams miniatures and cool ones,
  • Chaos: A kind of huge army, i would have to calculate how much points it worths. In it, you'll see a bit of everything.

2 commentaires:

  1. Welcome to the blogging community!

    Those Beastmen look great and your projects sound very interesting too.

    I would like to keep up to date with your blog as you post new stuff, would you consider adding the follow gadget! The one from add gadget/more gadgets?

  2. Thank you for the welcoming Warlord Paul.

    I would have to check this gadget, I am still very new to these functions.
    However that's a good idea.
    I will show more soon.