lundi 13 mai 2013

What green do I use?

In the realm of chaos 80's log, lately has been asked this question: what green do you use to paint your orcs and goblins?

I answered this question in the LAF forum some months ago:

This is one of my unit of orcs (well the only painted one).

They're all from Kev Adams, there is foundry, oop citadel, harlequin, renegades and heartbreaker miniatures. It was a pain to gather all of them but I did it :).

Here is a picture of the command group and the big'uns.

So basically, I am using some goblin green, then I used a green wash. After that I lay down two brighter green: scorpion green, then a green goblin mixed with a lot of yellow. I only do the angle with the second one.

And finally, a little close up on the standard bearer:

With the evil sunz banner :)
Until next time where I'm planning to show you some real new stuffs. 

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