dimanche 9 octobre 2016

More chaos madness!!!

Hello everyone,

after 4 months of sleep, i'm here for a new post in my blog.

I advanced quite well on my paintings for my chaos army, so i will mainly show you this.

Chaos sorcerer and his two bodyguards.

I m starting with these guys. I really like the Jes Godwin ogres and i couldn't stop to ten. So I found 14 on 15 of the whole gang. That makes me a unit of ten and a small unit of 4.

The Wizard is actually a champion of Tzeentch but hey all Champions of Tzeentch are a bit Wizard :) I painted him in black and red. He looks very bossy.

What I like with chaos armies is the presence of lots of monsters from Greek Mythology: Centaurs, minotaurs, harpies, chimerae, ...

Sculpted by Bob Olleys, these carrions offer you the chance to pass behind ennemy lines and dispose of their warmachines. There 3 different sculpts but you can make mix with 2 different wings. I didn't do much original paintings, just keeping to simple colors. One of them is painted with more white in order to make her look like an elder witch.

The earth is shaking, when minotaurs arrive on the battlefield. These 10 big guys add power to any chaos armies. 4 of them are minotaurs lords.

The spear of the left one loves to break itself. 

The plastic warhammer quest minotaur! I exchanged the three minotaurs against the ogre battlemaster when i was younger. A bargain... :)

I really like the fat one. I think, initially it was a D&D minotaur.

The 2 biggest minotaurs lords! One of the left was my first one.

And finally, the centaurs. I took so many months to paint this unit. 
 They charge, wild and drunk!

The centaurs are close to the thugs in terms of diversity. You got some classical kind centaurs, some half beastmen half centaurs and some mutated ones.
I painted with natural tones, apart from the snake/medusa one.
I tried to make some kind of greek shields, inspired by the skeletons shields from the golden fleece movie.

I like the one with the club, he looks good. The medusa/ octopus one is fun, total chaos.

 The ral partha one is the leader of the bunch. I painted him in white and grey to make him look like somekind of an elder centaur.

I tried to paint their body like the horses color i saw on the internet.
Now i have to warn Figflog from ebay that i finally finish his centaurs!!!

The last but no the least is my Chaos Lord!!!

Sanctus!!! Dominus!!!

So basically, he s chaos lord with a chaos sorcerer headswap. He s mounting an undead creature and I used a couple of bits for the chair. He got a recent plastic knigh shield. I didn't find a name for him yet. He s kind of the second in command for the army. The first Lord got a bigger mount ...

That s all for my chaos army for now. I m working on completing my ogres unit, some beastmen, my norses regiment and a couple of sorcerers.
Take care and see you next time.

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  1. Quite an awesome collection of mini's you have there. All splendidly painted too. Great stuff

  2. Hi Jeg, thanks for the feedback!
    I like your blog too, you got lots of cool minis, here.