mercredi 24 mai 2017

Back in 2017!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

Here we are!!! Back for more oldhammers. I guess it s pretty late to wish you all a pleasant new year 2017.
I ve been really lazy for updating my blogs but not concerning my paintings.

Without further waiting, here are what i painted!

If you remember, back in 2014 or 2015 I painted 3 barbarians, i put the music of the movie Barbarian from Deodato. Well after all these years, i finally finished them.

Most of them are from the norse citadel line. You can also notice a barbarian from the alternative armies website. Really cool miniature.

Here we can see two of the first ones. flail and two handed sword. I tried to make some body paintings on the two handed axe guy (following the god of war painting as example).

Here we got two girls from the norse line. Their faces are really slim in comparaison to their men counterpart and i really had to pay attention not to make them ugly.

Here is the command. The leader is from the line from Kremlo the slann if i m correct. He s really cool. I like the two huns like miniatures. The standard bearer is a reaver from ral partha. He used to have a spear so it was easy to make him a standard bearer.

The crew of the Red Wyrm

Fluff wise i think of them as a crew of raider who make rampage along the cities and villages near river. They allied themselves pretty quickly to Chaos.

Then I had a couple of chosen ones. A really small unit of 10 guys, i hoarded a bit and i finally reached a respectable size of 20 guys. Pointwise, well there is not point of putting them on the battlefield, they re a big waste of points :)
But anyway, I think they look really good.

Amongst the new guys is the Guardian from the Pantheon of Chaos kickstarter. This guy is really fun with his smiling face. The midget on a robot body is a really cool Godwin champion. I m glad I found him again. Next to him he s another KS miniature. He s got a turkey head, so funny. It is said that his blade is constantly yelling and he became deaf. :)

Here are a whole bunch of classic Oldhammer miniatures. With some new shields.

More classicness. In my youth, the juggernaut head was my favorite. He was leading my 40k chaos marines army.

The command group. The leader is a must have for all the chaos fans. When i got him, he was missing a finger and i resculpted it with GS (such a pro ...)
The banner is a skeleton. I remember that in realm of darkness, it is said that chaos skeleton champions exist so I just put it in. It is hard to find good banner bearer.

We cost many!!!

Little close up on the banner - pretty happy with it.

And finally with all these guys finished, i have also finished my first shelf of my chaos army miniatures!!!

 Here they all are, ... so proud of me ...

Then, we got a couple of close ups of my shelf full of miniatures:

Oh I almost forgot! Here are three guys that I didn't show:
Two chaos warriors used as thug and a Nurgle Champion from the Kickstarter.
He s really good coming straight from the book Realm of Chaos. He was a must have as the moment I saw him. I really enjoyed to paint him.

For next time, a unit of Nurgle warriors, some beastmen, chaos doges, a militia of men and a hellfire canon!

Cheers for looking and commenting you guys.

4 commentaires:

  1. Those are looking great! Love that Festimus at the end. ;)

  2. Le mix avec les nouvelles éditions "retro" fonctionne bien, c'est une très belle collection que tu as là!

  3. Fantastic stuff mate, well wirth the wait - that Norse/barbarian unit is just superb!

  4. That is one mighty fine collection you have there! Splendid work :)