dimanche 9 septembre 2018

For the baron!!! Part.2

Hello everyone,

here is my second post of 2018. Really few days passed since my last post. It seems i can improve my publications rate at some points.

This post will concern my border princes' army. This ragtag's group of human beings is lead by le Baron HacheduSoir. This strange and old noble rules his domain with strenght and fear, only his nightaxe is keeping him alive, leaching the life of his ennemies or sometimes leaching the life of his own folks.

I still didn't finish him, he got his undercoat but I didn't advance on him.
Here is what I did for now:

A captain and a Priest of Verena
The captain is an eternal Champion from the Elric's line. He looks good but he s a bit slim with his armor. I painted him a bear's claw like the one from the regiment of renown named Urslo's bearmen.
The warpriest was supposed to be a captain but he looked good with his bald head as a warpriest. I chose Verena which is the god of Justice. 

So here is Bertrand le Brigand and his crew! No, just kidding. This is a unit of 10 guys, just 5 of them got painted though. The Champion is obviously the Robin Hood guy. You can see Will Scarlett on the right. Each of them are classic citadel sculpts. They all look really good. The scout on the right got a native american look but fits really well with the others. Still need to finish the 5 left though.

Hellblaster GUN!!!
All human army must include one of these cannon. They bring lots of firepower. It's one of the last sculpt, still in metal though. The crew is a mix of the bretonnian crew and some foundry miniature guys. This make me three canons in my army but i added one great canon and an other hellblaster gun. This will be good enough to finish all the artillery of the Baron's army.

Others classic citadel sculpts, the elementals. These guys seem to get directly out of the heroquest cards. My favorite is the earth one, i added to him a bit of grass on his shoulders like he erupted out of the earth. The air one arrived broken with a case of leadrot. It was super hard to fix him completly. I needed to drill deeply in it and added iron rod to make it solid again. Then a lots of greenstuff to hide all the holes in it. But in final i succided in making it looking decent. The painting on the three of them is really simple but I like it. The fire one is still missing, i'm still looking for it to complete the crew. The army includes like three or four wizards and i like the idea of them being abble to summon the elementals.

Then i completed two big units, militia and footknights!

The militia:
Here we are...

I already showed the front rank on the facebook page but here they are all complete.
Must of these guys come from foundry miniatures the rereleased mercenaries. They re superb sculpts full of caracters. Right now, they re no more available but the foundry crew informed me that they re going to package them in a different ways and review the moulds. So if you didn't have the change to buy them yet, just wait a bit they might reappear on their online shop anytime soon.

 The frontrank consists of an empire champion, surely someone who ran away from his former army, a merchant who hired this ragtag crew to defend his vineyard. The hunchback named Luthor is really good amongst them, it s a cool sculpt from warhammer quest. Hard to find him though.

An other group with a falconner, some crossbowmen and a coupe of deserters from the Keltalas duchy. Their colours are black and yellow.
The story of my army inspired itself from Dune where the Baron's men are the Harkonnen and the Keltalas was an other domain led by a Duc. Sadly undead overwhelmed them and a lots of people from Keltalas ran away and found shelter in the Baronny. What became the Duc is still unknown ...

The ten last guys are all from Foundry, I mean, look at their sculpts! They re so cool. It was a joy to paint them all.
Merchant: "Protect my domains, protect my spice and grapes!"

Finally, my unit of Footknights!

We have to push the Pram a lot!!!

If you remember two years ago, i showed the start of this army and a little battle i made with friends. The knights were only undercoated... without love... they remained like this for a couple of years and then i gave them the attention they deserve!

Practically all of them came from Foundry miniatures (again) it s nice to have a line that allows you to buy some oldhammer miniatures not at a crazy price. I dont know if you guys check Ebay these last days but it s becoming crazy ... crazy like you can't afford oldhammer miniatures anymore! So thanks Foundry for releasing some oldhammer for us who dont have millions to spend for our miniatures' fix.

 Here you can see a marauder fighter!

 The second from the left is one of the footknight bretonnian that everybody wants! These footknights are like some of the most wanted miniatures in oldhammer. Them and you can count fimirs, genestealers hybrids and red period hobgoblins.

Brave brave brave! Brave Sir Robin!

The champion makes me think of Robin of Camelot. He s so fun. The guy on the right is a citadel fighter, i like his helmet.
Once again, the complete unit. They re leaving, this blog is not serious enough ...

That s it for this update of the blog with the advance of my border princes' army. I hope you enjoyed watching my painting and my miniature selection, it s always a pleasure to read your comments and encouragements, it helps me to keep painting and improving.

Until next time, I was you all the best. See you guys!!!

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  1. These are looking great! That Elric champ is one of my favorites.

  2. Hey thanks Thomas! Yes he s pretty cool. I also have the Elric with heavy armor and the two handed Stormbringer. He s in the painting queue. Cheers.