dimanche 20 janvier 2019

Welcome to 2019!

Hello everyone,

so here we are for the start of a new year with painting and miniatures gathering and miniatures selling because you bought too much and think you won't be able to paint them all but in the same time you're thinking of new armies that could be cool to start ...

I'll never make it ...

Anyway, the good part is that I made good progress on a coupe of minis that i had for too long on my painting table.
The other good part is that I join the OWAC 2019. The OWAC is a challenge for oldhammer fans that asks you to paint 200 pts of units each month until june 2019. Each contestants got one month of break. There are no other rules but this is the occasion to start an army of mine that I completely neglected for several years, my undeads.

The OWAC Banner

The OWAC is organised by Rick who is a cool guy who 's doing this for the community a second time in 2019. I strongly invite you to visit the blog which gathers the posts of all the contestants.
If I remember correctly we're almost 40 to participate and it's always cool to see the photos and paintings of our fellow oldhammerers.

Here is the link: http://oldworldarmychallenge.blogspot.com/

For January, here is what I have:

That's it I completely finish the unit of 10 bowmen for my Baron's army. The Robin hood guy was going to be the leader but the palladin is so more chunkier that he got the job. Plus he got the red flaming bow of fire! ... Surely a magic item...

Then we can hear some loud footsteps ! BOOM! BOOM !
A Hill Giant! And his pets ...

So here is a citadel hill giant that I paint in grey like my ogres. If I ever want to use them all as a V8 ogres army list, I plan to use him as a hunter with his two tigers.

Tomdidom didom ... having a walk...

That's it for the month, right now i'm working on a unit of 20 flagellants, 13/20 done for now. They might be finished before february but you never know.

Finally, don't hesitate to check my undeads on the owac blog, in the end of the challenge, I ll still have undeads to finish but that's an other story ...

Sigh ...

Wait I can't finish on a negative note, here is a message for all of us that still have a lots to paint to compete our projects.

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  1. Sweet! Glad you are taking part in the Owac it’s a fun time.

    1. Hey, thanks Thomas, i'm glad to be aboard. It makes me feel like part of the team :D